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port and starboard loop

The Grace Firemain Console provides an OT attack surface using an industrial PLC, pumps, valves, pressure transducers, and flow meters to move real water through a series of pipes replicating a seawater service system onboard a real ship. Cyber-attacks can be launched on the Modbus TCP network and allows for the platform to be used to conduct operational labs such as causing interference between the HMI and PLC and opening and closing valves outside of master PLC control. Our advanced user interface allows operators to see how their actions impact the system in real time and provide visibility into message traffic. Fathom5 also includes detailed training material on the systems, protocols, and operation of the console to ensure your team gets up to speed quickly.

Send in operators to monitor the firemain system through the HMI displays, while red teams launch attacks, to train cybersecurity awareness and response, or set the console to simulation mode so your cybersecurity researchers can observe message traffic, discover vulnerabilities, and defend against potential threats.

Input and feedback equipment

Advanced User Interface
System Control HMI
Siemens PLC
Firemain System


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