Dr. Dave Burke

Vice President of Research and Development

Prior to joining Fathom5, Dr. Burke spent 10 years working at various positions within the government. From acting as the Program Executive Officer for NAVAIR to becoming a chairman of the NATO UAS and then the Director of Cyber Warfare Detachment, Dr. Burke has mastered the focus and understanding of cybersecurity. In the summer of 2019, Dr. Burke left government service to join Fathom5 as their chief engineer. He directs the development of novel approaches to embedded system DEVOPS and cybersecurity. He holds three bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science from North Carolina State University, a master’s degree in computer engineering, and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering.

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the best is yet to come

Fathom5 has received 17 patents over the last 24 months. We invest the majority of our earnings back into research and development to fund the next age of brilliant machines at the intersection of AI and grease.

Security-First Approach

Fathom5 employs a “security-first” approach to everything we build. By keeping security at the forefront of everything we do from inception to completion, our products are safer at every level.

Why Security-First Works:

· Reduce costs
· We focus on security, so you don't have to
· Increase productivity while decreasing workload

technologies that matter

Instead of chasing trends, Fathom5 focuses on engineering solutions to the fundamental problems of our age. Through our innovations, we seek to build a world where supply-chain shortages, climate change, energy shortages, and cybersecurity threats are relics of the past.

Big ideas with knowledge to back them up

Fathom5 is proud to work with leading scientists around the country.

Dr. Gary Kessler, Fathom5, Principal ConsultantDr. Del Tesar, Fathom5, Senior Scientist

Dr. Gary Kessler

Principal Consultant

Dr. Del Tesar

Senior Scientist

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