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Fathom5 works with companies in Critical Infrastructure Sectors looking to solve operational and security challenges. We supplement our customers’ existing expertise with our own by providing an outside perspective and working alongside organizations to find the right solution. Fathom5 takes great pride in being known for the cybersecurity rigor we bring to every project and for placing high value in helping our customers solve problems.

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Maritime Model

Fathom5 began in 2017 with an early focus on the maritime industry. This strategic decision was made because within the hull of a modern vessel lay many of the same systems that make our cities and factories function, from automated control to water treatment to electricity generation to IT networks. Today, Fathom5 offers an ecosystem of solutions that can be applied to any industry.

Operational Data Experts

Fathom5 has extensive experience helping organizations leverage their operational data to improve the efficiency, flexibility and security of their industrial operations. Whether you need help identifying gaps in your current operational data infrastructure or are looking to design a new one, Fathom5 can help you cut through the buzzwords to identify the capabilities you need—and the capabilities you don’t.


Powered by Fathom5, HACKtheMACHINE is the Navy’s premier digital event series aimed at crowdsourcing solutions to some of its toughest science and technology challenges. These events invite people from all background to collaborate, from software engineers to UX/UI designers, from students to start-up entrepreneurs, HACKtheMACHINE participants help the Navy solve its foremost cyber, AI, and digital engineering challenges.


HACKtheMACHINE Virtual Shield

Additive Manufacturing

HACKtheMACHINE Virtual | 2021


·       Vessels being maintained may contain numerous broken or defective parts that fall outside of advanced maintenance planning. The Navy had no way to procure or manufacture these parts and this could have a drastically negative impact maintenance schedules.

·       A challenge was designed in coordination with Norfolk Shipyard to accelerate the adoption of Advanced Additive Manufacturing using metallic 3D printing. Contestants were provided technical specification data and were required to print parts for inspection, vibration, and shock testing.

Key Results

·       The parts that met the critical dimension requirements were subjected to a battery of tests during the Prototyping Phase. The winning teams submitted 3 vastly different materials that passed all requirements with NO FAILURES.

·       The Additive Manufacturing Contracting effort directly contributed to on-time delivery of combat ready Ships, Subs, & Systems​. Additive Manufacturing is now a key component of the Navy’s Transform Digital Capability​ initiative.

·       The winner of the competition was selected to receive a contract with the U.S. Navy to continue research into Additive Manufacturing.

HACKtheMACHINE New York Shield

Securing the insecure

HACKtheMACHINE New York | 2019


·       Maritime Cybersecurity, has focused on cyber threats to vessels for several years. In 2019 a new avenue of attack was explored. The US Navy was looking to put 3D-printers on-board vessels and there was an open question about what cybersecurity would be appropriate to require from the venders versus what protections the Navy should implement.

·       U.S. Navy Warfare Centers provided more than a dozen perspective 3D printers which were incorporated into a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition at HACKtheMACHINE. Participants had the opportunity to hack various models of 3D printers to evaluate the relative cyber resilience of the provided machines.

Key Results

·       HACKtheMACHINE participants discovered more than 20 zero-day vulnerabilities and were awarded over $23k in bug bounties funded by DoD.

·       The multiple vulnerabilities discovered in the 3D printers led Navy leadership to decide on an enclave strategy to deploy these technologies to the fleet and to Navy shipyards.

·       The Navy also used information gained from this challenge to create a tailored cybersecurity package that will standardize the introduction of digital manufacturing enclaves across the fleet.

HACKtheMACHINE Unmanned Shield

MBSE Pilot Prototype

HACKtheMACHINE Unmanned | 2021


·       The Navy was exploring ways to leverage digital engineering techniques like simulation and model-based systems engineering to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of developing new capabilities.

·       A challenge was devised based around the real-world mission of detecting and intercepting drug-runners before they reach the United States. Contestants were tasked with building a digital model of this mission and showcasing how the model could be used to identify capabilities that would improve mission performance.

Key Results

·       The challenge winners worked closely with the Navy to write a white paper and develop a preliminary environment.

·       As a result, the challenge winners have been awarded a contract for follow-on work to develop the model-based system of systems that will be folded into a larger digital transformation effort that the Navy is currently undertaking.

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Maritime digital integration

Fathom5 has deep expertise in Maritime Digital Integration (MDI), a unique blend of OT and IT systems integration coupled with cybersecurity solution development tailored to the operational and regulatory challenges of the maritime industry.

contributing to the cybersecurity community

We are committed to building a global community of practice for industrial cybersecurity. That's why, every few months, we strap our Grace consoles into the back of a box truck and drive them across country to run hackathons. Find us on social media for information on our next event or reach out about hosting your own!

Fathom5 & Dragos: Elevating Maritime Cybersecurity Together

Dragos is an industrial (ICS/OT) cybersecurity company on a mission to safeguard civilization.

In a world where digital risks are on the rise, our partnership brings a robust fusion of Fathom5's maritime expertise and Dragos' advanced OT cybersecurity platform. Together, we're committed to enhancing the security posture of maritime organizations, ensuring seamless operations and safeguarding passengers and assets.

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