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DevOps to the Edge

Accelerating secure capability delivery

from the lab to production to run maritime analytics disconnected from the cloud.

Maritime Analytics

Developing the data sets and algorithms that support vessel classifications, autonomous navigation, and industrial controls. 

Cyberphysical Fixtures

Providing testbeds for maritime experimentation that yield insights for vessel developers, owners, and operators.

The Second Age of Cyber provides the strategic roadmap for organizations frustrated with the ineffectiveness and unconstrained cost growth of cybersecurity and no metrics to determine if they are winning or losing engagements in cyberspace.


In the First Age of Cyber attackers have had a distinct advantage by exploiting and then amplifying subsystem vulnerabilities in order to steal critical data and disable key systems, and enterprise cybersecurity has proven incapable of defending the critical data of hundreds of global organizations including governments, businesses, and militaries.


The Second Age of Cyber dawns when the offense-defense balance shifts away from cyber-attackers to cyber-defenders as a result of organizational change, knowledge-based networks, and defined, reliable and repeatable metrics of success.

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