Industrial Analytics

Fathom5 is a security first industrial technology company. We are focused on industrial operations in network disadvantaged environments such as agricultural fields, the high seas, and secured manufacturing plants.


We offer industrial analytics platforms that are flexible, customizable, and secure, allowing you to maximize the value of your data using human-machine teaming.  

Computer Programming


Aggregate data from sensors and flexibly add future data sources

Plug 'n play multiple third-party, internal, or OEM algorithms -
Algorithms easily subscribe to the data they need

View simultaneous outputs in a customized, visually appealing interface 

All Fathom5 products are designed to work in a grid disconnected environment

Common Use Cases

Anomaly Detection

Detect and prioritize anomalies in equipment, systems, and processes to augment decision-making

Condition-Based Maintenance

Run analytics that lead to increased system uptime and lower maintenance costs by decreasing unplanned downtime and increasing reliability through optimally planned condition-based maintenance scheduling

Predictive Analytics

Deploy advanced algorithms on aggregated data to detect emerging trends  prior to a casualty, predict total output of a system, and run simulations to optimize decision-making.


Data is the oil of Industry 4.0. Just like oil, the value of data does not lie in its raw form but only after it is transformed into the fuel for cutting-edge algorithms. Fathom5 provides the infrastructure required to maximize the impact from data, the most valuable resource of the 21st century.