Maritime Solutions

Let the experts at FATHOM5 help you navigate and implement emerging technologies into your organization. We bring lessons learned experience from our work with leading maritime organizations from around the world.

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Computer Programming

Together, we are securing the digital future.


Fleet Assessment Package

Threats are changing. We help you understand and navigate your risk. Let us build out a comprehensive risk assessment for your fleet.

Implementation Package

We start with your assessments and craft a tailored plan to bring your networks and systems from compliance and into a secured state.


Virtual Fleet & Vessel CISO Services

Lessons Learned Maritime OT Threats

Whether it’s a new build and the hull has just been laid, or your vessel has been in operation for decades, we offer a custom support plan to ensure your assets are resilient to emerging threats. Our expertise and history working with complex maritime control systems mean we can tailor a plan to ensure your fleet can adapt to emerging threats.

Our team has written the book on Maritime Cybersecurity. We provide a straightforward and grounded discussion on the realities of cyber threats to the maritime transportation sector.

Education/Workforce Development

Select from one of our proven programs or partner with our experts to craft a seminar for your organizations needs.


fConnect is a maritime network solution that maintains a customized, secure, and optimized data connection between your fleet and your digital tools, whether connected while in port, at sea, or in the transition in between.



As your ship moves from port to port, fConnect automatically moves from Wi-Fi to cellular and satellite connections based on your priorities. Whether you’re looking to stay “always on” or minimize overhead, fConnect can provide you with the solution for your fleet.

Cost Savings

fConnect gives you the ability to navigate your connectivity with one application. You can even manage your budget effortlessly by routing automatically to your fleet’s needs.


Security first technology for your fleet. FATHOM5 is an experienced industrial security company focused on securing the digital future.